Director Notes from November 8


Notes – from Thursday November 8  Young Frankenstein



Costume – Steve’s Village Costume does not look like any of the other villagers.  Please change ASAP.

Crew – 1 to 2 transition is good



Sound – please have school bell 2 seconds sooner – jump on the queue

Telegraph man –  mic not working

Crew- transition from 2-3 good

CREW – need to grab gurney faster Hilltop  exit – OLD Note



 Pat and Corey pick up cue before song – OLD Note

Costume – Pat’s costume change taking too long

Matt – speak louder

Song – Tit song lacks energy

Crew – 3-4 transition good

Crew – who is bringing out the pilings?  Crew or actors?



Sound – late cue on hump – please anticipate

Props - Old NOTE – Frederic needs 2 suitcases and a hatbox for this scene.  I don’t want to give this note again.

Crew – transition from 4 – 5 good



Crew – transition from 5-6  good



 Frau entrance late – Open both doors

Crew – eliminate the new black curtain – not going to use

Crew – transition from 6-7  good



Costume - Frederic entrance very late, must fix costume change

Dayna – bigger slap

Props – glue candelabra

Crew – transition from 7-8  good

One woman was wearing brown shoes during the dance – should be black (Laura?)



Pat – don’t crowd during “brain reprise”

Crew – transition from 8-9 good



Kemp – enter sooner and bigger

Kemp – general note – pick up cues faster

Crew – transition from 9-10 good



Pat – OLD Note – leave sheet over monster till after he comes back down

Props – no stethoscope

Props -  no treats

Crew – transition from 10-11 was slow



ACTORS – get to places faster

ACTORS – don’t move until the curtain is COMPLETELY CLOSED

Crew/Alfredo – can Alfredo throw concertina off stage to crew without leaving the stage


Intermission – Crew – stage right benches should be spiked the same as stage left benches, last night SR was in wrong place


Act II


Crew – transition from 1-2 - slow



Crew – as soon as actors are downstage – move Lab on stage

Fred and Inga –   OLD Note - toss lab coats sooner – Before cut out moves up

Director – run this scene before show opens on Friday

Dan – lights for 2:2 should be the same as 1:8 or 1:10 ( I think we have too much light on the edges)

Crew – transition from 2-3 good



Hermit – enter sooner – during Hut set up

Crew – Hermit Hut Table – keep close to hut like last night

Kent – be more vocal

Kent – soup on crotch – touch down there to clarify what happened

Music/Pit – cue was late on final song

Crew – transition from 3-4 Terrible



Crew – black door not braked

Crew – bench placed too far upstage – need to re-spike today

Crew – whole transition took too long – re run it before show

Crew – transition from 4-5 slow




Villagers – move down aisles faster

Sound – Inga and Igor mics slow cue – they start to speak from off stage – anticipate

Music/Pit – can music start sooner so Kemp can sing sooner after Monster exits?

Crew – transition 5-6 good



No notes



Frau – enter sooner

Kemp – jump on cues

Lauryn – blackout sooner

Crew – transition 7-8 VERY slow



  • All Actors – check your cue lines!!  Sound, Lights and Music depend on your accuracy
  • All Actors – sound note to actors – NO TALKING BACKSTAGE, especially when exiting.  Your mics may not be off yet.
  • All Actors and Crew – We should knock off 10-15 minutes of running time from this production.  It’s too slow, cues are slow, and general energy within scenes is lacking. You have to think about propelling the action forward like an engine picking up speed so you carry the audience with you as you “race towards the finish line”.  I’m not saying you are not working hard.  I know you are.   But this is something different.  If you are a part of the scene, make sure that nothing you do causes the action to lag. Jump on your cues! Keep the energy high! Smile when you dance!  See you tonight.