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Please check the portal on a regular basis (every day once rehearsals begin) for announcements, requests, rehearsal schedules, etc.  The portal is where we post most things that you need to know.


The Script

August 14 - The script and the score are on the portal.  I heard from MTI today that I will be getting the box of hard copy scripts around September 1, after we begin rehearsals.

I am happy to print some for your use, or you can print it yourself.  With 50+ folks in teh cast, I am hoping many of you can do it yourself, but if you want one from WHCT, let me know via email as soon as you can and I will try to have it for you at the Meet and Greet.  You won't be able to write in the scripts that come from MTI, unless it is with soft pencil and then you must erase it all, so it probably makes sense to have a printed one.